Performance Plans with Kevin O'Connell

Performance Plans

PROVEN Performance Plans designed to maximise your potential in golf.

"The key to every golfer's improvement is to understand what your body can and cannot do." My physical screen has 12 key tests that identify any limitations in your body, you can use this information to work with a physio to improve this aspect of your body or we can work around it not wasting time trying to get you to make swing changes that you can't physically achieve.

Choose a timescale that works for you:

- 2 Month Plan: £250
- 4 Month Plan: £450
- 6 Month Plan: £650
- 8 Month Plan: £850
- 12 Month Plan: contact me for more info

(every plan has the screen included at the very beginning of the course)

Notable names who have made who progress on the 4 Month Plan include:

- Richard Webber (Head Greenkeeper): 5hcp to 2.7hcp
- Les Clark: 20hcp to 16hcp
- Oli Blackburn: 7hcp to 4.4hcp
- Lee Ahern: 10hcp to 5hcp

So, what is included in the course?

- Physical screen
- 2x 60-minute lessons a month (BodiTrak included)
- 2x 30-minute practice sessions a month (subject to availability)
- GCQuad account (every shot hit is recorded)
- Online coaching (send videos for analysis between lessons)
- Drills to use in your practice sessions and at home

To book, please contact me on 07588661089, click here or speak to me in the Pro Shop when you're next up the club.