Performance Plans with Kevin O'Connell

I am delighted to announce my Performance Plans are back for the winter, with some more exciting improvements. This will give you the opportunity to make some lasting changes to your game and help to reduce your handicap moving into the new season.

So, what’s included in my Performance Programme?

- Physical Screening before coaching begins: (Every golfer has body limitations, this screen identifies them for you which allows us to understand what your body can and cannot do, everyone fails at least one test)

- 2x 60-Minute Lessons a month (8 lessons in total)

- Use of Boditrak Pressure Mat Technology

- 2x 30-Minute Speedstick sessions: (supervised session at the beginning with drills to work on and improve for your session at the end of the course) Will lead to increased clubhead speed

- Skillest app account where all lesson feedback goes on with 24/7 access.

Every aspect of your game can be covered in the lessons, doesn’t just have to be swing changes.


31 out of the 31 players who have gone through the full program have reduced their handicaps with me. Three haven’t completed for different reasons.This includes success stories such as:

- Justin Bews 15hcp to 9hcp (half way through)
- Stephen Hancox 22hcp to 18hcp (just past halfway through course)
- Richard Webber (PD Course Manager) 5hcp to 0.8hcp
- Dean Page 24hcp to 15hcp
- Peter Axson 24hcp to 17hcp

One lesson every two weeks is required to make the most of this course, if you feel like you can’t manage this, then this course isn’t for you, another package may be helpful.

Lessons can be from 7:30am to 8:00pm at night and everything in-between. It’s important to try and stick with the process and not deviate away to avoid any setbacks.

If you are interested to book this Performance Plan, please get in touch below or speak to me in-store, and together let’s get your golf moving in the right direction!

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